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What is Vehicle Leasing?

Essentially Vehicle leasing is a long-term rental contract. You have an initial payment then fixed monthly payments throughout the length of your contract term.

Vehicle leasing can often be a cheaper solution to buying a car or van with a loan or dealer finance, you receive all the benefits of driving the vehicle of your choice but do not have the worry of it decreasing in value over time.

How Does Vehicle Leasing Work?

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Are you BCH or PCH (Business Contract Hire or Personal Contract Hire)?

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You pick a vehicle of your choice

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Choose length of contract

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Choose your estimated mileage

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Choose your initial payment (3-12 months upfront)


Calculated fixed monthly payments will be based on your initial payment

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Once the paperwork is settled it is just a case of car delivery and away you go!

What We Offer

  • Car & Commercial Vehicle Lease
  • Car & Commercial Vehicle Rentals
  • Personal Contract Hire
  • Business Contract Hire
  • Personal Contract Purchase
  • Finance Lease
  • Hire Purchase
  • Lease Purchase
  • Short Term Contract Rental

Why VM Vehicle Solutions

  • Unlimited real time deals throughout the market
  • Wide selection of brands to choose from
  • Easy access online quote
  • Outstanding purchasing experience from start to finish
  • First Class customer service
  • Add value to your business by saving you time, stress and money
  • We source & provide the best vehicles & finance solutions for your business
  • Simple user experience, choosing your next vehicle has never been easier
  • Unsure? In need of some advice? Our Team is always on hand to help

Benefits of Vehicle Leasing

Regardless of which finance option you choose, there is a colossal amount of benefits to your business.

Opting to lease rather than buy means you save money on upfront expenditure, whilst also taking advantage of the vast range of affordable vehicle lease deals available to you as a business owner.

New vehicle lease deals will grant you the ability to spread the cost of your new vehicle across your agreed lease term, allowing you to plan the fixed monthly costs to your business outgoings.

As there is a broad amount of affordable van lease deals available to you, you will be able to afford higher quality and spec of vehicle than you would, had you brought outright. This will allow you to present yourself as more professional on the road, provide a greater driver experience thus benefiting your business and of course adding value.

Another benefit to consider of new vehicle lease deals is that new vehicles are subject to manufacturer warranty, giving you the much-needed peace of mind in the reliability of your vehicle and that you will not incur any unexpected costs should it develop issues.

Finance Options Explained:

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Hire Purchase:

  • Ownership at the end of the lease
  • Fixed monthly cost
  • VAT paid upfront in full
  • RFL included in the first contracted year
  • 2-5 years
  • No excess mileage or damage charges

Finance Lease:

  • Flexible end of lease options, including ownership and trading in
  • Fixed monthly cost
  • VAT spread over the length of the lease
  • VAT reclaimable if registered
  • 2-5 years
  • No excess mileage or damage charges

Contract Hire:

  • No option for ownership – so no disposal issues
  • Fixed monthly cost
  • VAT spread over the length of the lease
  • VAT reclaimed if registered
  • 2-5 years
  • Excess mileage and damage charges are applicable

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