Skoda: Air Purification

Air pollution has been a growing concern on and around our roads for a number of years now and as the number of cars on our roads has increased- so has the pollution. Skoda have developed an air-conditioning system to help their drivers.

Image: Skoda’s new EV, the Enyaq, will offer the Climtronic technology. The Enyaq also, unlike ICE vehicles, solves the issue of air pollution due to being a zero emissions vehicle (picture courtesy of Skoda)

Before we start though, an air-con system to purify air entering the vehicle does not solve the issue of air-pollution. That has to come from low and zero emissions vehicles in order to tackle the public health issue of premature deaths attributed to pollutants in the air.

How does it work?

The system works by using a pollutant sensor, which monitors outside air entering the cabin and this will activate the recirculation system to combat the particulates entering. There is also an Air Quality System which has a particulate, activated-carbon and allergen filter- this has a similar method as the pollutant sensor.

Image: The Skoda Superb will offer the same Climatronic technology and can also be ordered an a PHEV (picture courtesy of Skoda)

For hay fever sufferers, this will help no-end as this also works for pollen in the air. That means that the runny-nosed and red-eyed motorists in the Summer, can drive past a field of freshly mown grass and enjoy the sight but be unaffected by the smell.

Speaking of smells, that is another feature of the system as it will also activate if there is an unpleasant odour detected by absorbing it.

Image: Skoda now offer a wide range of small SUV cars and the Karoq fits into the middle of this (picture courtesy of Skoda)

What can it do?

The feature not only monitors particulates and temperature, but also humidity. It measures these factors on the interior and exterior of the vehicle but also of the windscreen. To prevent the windscreen from misting up, an air-con compressor will be activated provided that the outdoor temperature is not below freezing- in this instance the Climatronic system will switch to defrost mode.

This will be available on Skoda models such as the: Enyaq iV, Karoq, Octavia and Superb- but it can also be added to other Skoda models.

Image: Mercedes-Benz have offered a similar particle filter in their E-Class but Skoda offer a more cost-effective solution (picture courtesy of Mercedes-Benz)

Is this a new invention?

There are other car brands that offer a similar service, such as Mercedes-Benz in their E-Class- but the Skoda models are the more affordable option.

Although this does not fix the issue of air-pollution, it will make driving easier and more comfortable for hay fever sufferers and it will make driving easier in the Winter.

Image: The Climatronic system is available on a number of Skoda vehicles (picture courtesy of Skoda)

What can we do to help?

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, then talk to us at VM Vehicle Solutions about the best option for you based on your needs. If you are thinking of doing your bit for the environment, then you can talk to us at Van MonkEV about zero emission options.

As always, thanks for reading and we hope to speak to you soon!

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