Preventive Maintenance

The maintenance of your vehicle can mean fixing it when something goes wrong- but that is only half of the story. Preventive maintenance means that you limit what can go wrong with your vehicle by being on top of it before issues start.

What does it mean?

Neglecting your vehicle can prove costly, repairs may be required to your vehicle that could have been avoided by keeping to regular service intervals. Depending on your manufacturer, some parts that go wrong on your vehicle may not be covered under warranty if you have not kept to the recommended service intervals.

Image: Following regular service intervals keeps you and your vehicle on the road when you need to be

Some service intervals may arrive sooner than expected, as you think them unnecessary for short-commuter driving. However, in some cases this can damage a vehicle more than longer drives- as most engines perform better when out for a longer run. This is the case with diesel engines, as the diesel particulate filter can easily become blocked unless taken on longer drives more regularly.

Image: We want to make sure you do not waste time and money when you could be out on the road with your vehicle

How can I check?

Not all vehicles will display a service light when the vehicle is in need of a routine service. It is important to check the service intervals with the manufacturer or user manual so you can keep on top of it.

What are the benefits?

Preventive maintenance means: you will save time; you will save money; you will be safer on the road; and your vehicle will have a better re-sale value. It is important to schedule preventive maintenance to make sure your vehicle will perform safely and in the optimum conditions.

Image: At VM Vehicle Maintenance, we offer service contracts that cover you day-to-day as well as if things go wrong

How can we help?

If you want to make sure your vehicle remains on the road safely and effectively, we can help at VM Vehicle Maintenance with our service contracts. If something does go wrong, then we will have you covered there too with breakdown cover and courtesy vehicles provided.

As always, thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!


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