Clean Air Zones Impacting Fleets

Clean air zones have been popping up in urban areas all over the UK and as there have been 40,000 premature deaths attributed to air pollution- the move makes sense for our nation’s health. However, this has also been having an impact on fleets and decisions they face when it comes to which vehicles to operate with.

Image: One option for fleets is the adoption of hybrid vehicles which can be an alternative to traditional ICE vehicles but new ones will be phased out by 2035 (picture courtesy of Toyota)

Research commissioned by Europcar Mobility from 300 fleet managers across the country has been published. 87% of fleet managers who were questioned said that their businesses would be impacted by the growing number of clean air zones. There has to be a balance with managing the demands of the fleet and fitting the Clean Air Zones- as well as London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone.

Image: Charges for ULEZs could have a dramatic financial effect on businesses if they do not effectively manage the situation

The cost to enter some Clean Air Zones is around £8 a day in Birmingham and £15 a day in London. However, around 30% of businesses questioned had not factored in the cost of their fleet entering these zones and 20% were not aware of the rules that would impact them in these zones.

Ron Santiago, managing director of Europcar Mobility Group UK said, “A lack of awareness could impact the bottom line for many companies and a lack of planning will reduce their ability to remain flexible to changes in business demand.”

Image: The Kia e-Niro is proving a popular choice for fleets due to it offering a decent WLTP range for an affordable and practical BEV (picture courtesy of KIA)

A solution to this is a move to a lower emissions fleet, but one in five businesses were concerned about the cost.

The time will come when lower emission vehicles become cheaper and more effective, this will solve these issues for many fleet operators but for the moment, a flexible fleet solution will have to be put into place and as well as forward-planning for routes and the types of vehicles entering into these Clean Air Zones.

What can we do to help?

If you are thinking of changing to lower emissions vehicles, then we can help. You can discuss options with us at VM Vehicle Solutions as well as at Van Monkey, to find the right solution for you and your business needs.

As always thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!

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