What is the Maxus MIFA 9 and how does it compete?

Maxus are a new brand making waves in Europe all the way from China. The commercial vehicle arm, with the Maxus eDeliver9, has already become a popular fleet vehicle- adopted by DPD for major cities. However, a new Maxus has been announced and the arrival of the MIFA 9 will be in the Summer of 2022.

Image: The MIFA 9 will replace the likes of the Toyota Estima in the UK (picture courtesy of Maxus)

What is the MIFA 9?

It looks like a new Land Rover Discovery from the front- almost identical in fact- granted that is where the aesthetic similarities end, but it is not a bad looking brick. MIFA is apparently an acronym that reflects the key attributes of the vehicle. Here goes then. It is, Maximum (not sure), Intelligent, Friendly and Artistic. A confused attributes section of a personal statement it might be, but it does actually have quite a few redeeming qualities.

Image: The Maxus eDeliver9 has already been accepted in increasing numbers within the UK (picture courtesy of Maxus)

It is an MPV, and it does well at this, with 7- and 8-seater options. It’s not just the amount of people it can move though- you will be moved in supreme comfort in the MIFA 9. The seats have motorised backrest, leg support and front and rear movement- as well as ventilation, heating and massage functions. Those are levels of comfort that you don’t come across until you reach the likes of Lexus, up-market models of German brands and Rolls-Royce. The interior has more of a resemblance to the first-class section of an airplane than to other MPVs on the market. With the Toyota Estima disappearing from the UK market in 2019, there is a MPV van sized hole in the market for the MIFA 9 to fill.

Image: Conceptual design for the MIFA 9 interior did not fall far from the reality (picture courtesy of Maxus)

What will it cost?

At the moment though it does not look like you will be paying Rolls-Royce prices. The current exchange rate of the Chinese market price of the MIFA 9- it will cost £31,158. There will of course be some import duties added onto the top of that but that is the price of a mid-size electric hatchback in the UK.

How far will it get me?

It is not just luxury though; the Maxus will offer a WLTP range of 323 miles with a 180kW motor producing 241hp and 350Nm of torque- competitive against some much more premium-priced EVs. One thing I am yet to get my head around though is what is claimed to be the industry’s first intelligent driving housekeeper. This housekeeper apparently “automatically recognises driving style through data and scene driving”. I don’t actually know what that means but it will have that if you are interested in data driving or scene driving.

Image: The high class airline quality to the interior will be tough to beat for the money (picture courtesy of Maxus)

The MIFA 9 does have some clever technology on board though. Mainly safety features to help with its enormity- at 5.2m long, 2m wide and 1.84m. It is 30cm longer, 20cm narrower and 4cm lower than the Land Rover Discovery for size comparison. However, to cope with this, it will be fitted with an intelligent driving assistance system with narrow road traffic functions- which means it will help drivers avoid obstacles. It will also feature a parking function which scans and monitors a 150m square area around the vehicle to help with blind-spots and parking.

How does the competition stack up?

There will be two main competitors for the Maxus MIFA 9. Vehicles that can offer seating for so many in the MPV market are few and far between- add fully electric to that mix and you are currently left with the Peugeot e-Traveller and the upcoming VW ID.Buzz.

Image: The interior of the Maxus eDeliver9 is a practical and well-designed area (picture courtesy of Maxus)

Peugeot E-Traveller

Image: The interior of the Peugeot is more similar to the eDeliver9 than the MIFA 9 (picture courtesy of Peugeot)

The Peugeot has 8 removable seats and matches the MIFA 9’s levels of technology with Visiopark 1- which shows a 180-degree aerial view of the rear of your vehicle, guidelines and obstacle detection as you select reverse. It also has road sign recognition, blind spot monitoring and active safety brake- an automatic emergency braking system. However, the interior is in no way as impressive as the MIFA 9 and at up to 148 miles on a single charge- it has less than half the WLTP range. All this for £49,100 – £18,000 more than the MIFA 9.

Image: The Peugeot e-Traveller has been adapted from a van, rather than using Maxus’ technique of: same platform, different body (picture courtesy of Peugeot)

Volkswagen ID.Buzz

Image: The ID.Buzz is said to be released later in the year and launched in March (picture courtesy of VW)

Although it is not out yet, the Volkswagen ID.Buzz is set to be premiered in March 2022 and launched later in the year. There is not yet a price attached to it and it may be called the VW Bus in the American market. In fairness though, ‘Buzz’ is how we say ‘Bus’ in the Black Country so that will not make much difference here.

Image: The ID.Buzz is set to be VW’s first autonomous vehicle, hence the space-age looking cockpit (picture courtesy of VW)

The fully electric MPV will be available for personal and business use but is also to be VW’s first ever autonomous vehicle. VW say that the ID.Buzz could be used as an autonomous business shuttle (whatever that is) and even as an autonomous ambulance. We discussed autonomous ambulances in the office and we think it could work- not so sure how you will be getting into an unmanned ambulance with a broken leg though.

The ID.Buzz will be offered with two battery options and the larger of the two should offer around 325-350 miles and two motor options offering 202hp and 369hp.

Image: The concept images at the moment suggest a light and airy interior with practical movement in the seats (picture courtesy of VW)

At the moment, the Maxus MIFA 9 is an attractive option for anyone who needs a large MPV- as the luxury elements combined with the battery/motor capabilities are impressive. This offers a little bit of luxury for large families. It could also be a very attractive option for inner-city taxi drivers (especially London due to it being a zero-emission vehicle).

How can we help?

Whatever vehicle you need, large or small- electric, hybrid or ICE- get in touch with us at VM Vehicle Solutions and we can discuss the right options for you.

As always, thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!

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