Charging Infrastructures Around the World

Internal combustion engine vehicles are not the future, we know that we need to make a swap and at the moment, electric vehicles are presented as the all-singing, all-dancing alternative. Before we get to the level of full EV-adoption, we need to know there is going to be a capable infrastructure in place. In the UK, there are targets and mandates for charging points year on year but how does it compare to charging infrastructures around the world?

Image: The Government have mandates for approximately 145,000 charging points with their new-build scheme, but is it enough?

Here in the UK

In the UK, there are 40.4 million cars on the road. Currently, not even the .4 is covered by fully electric cars- at around 365,000. The road is long for full electrification it seems. At this point in time, there are 28,766 charging points for UK EV drivers to plug into. That is less than I was expecting but it means that 1 in every 13 EV drivers can have a charging station at any one time.

That is not actually that bad, as of course not everyone will be charging their cars at the same time. However, compared to the number of passenger vehicles on the road- there are not anywhere near enough if more and more motorists decided to make the switch. As it stands, there is 1 charging point for every 1404 vehicles. That may seem a silly comparison, as they do not need charging stations but it shows that the UK is nowhere near ready for the mass-switch that may need to occur to meet the 2030 target.

Image: Norway has been the EV capital of the world with their rapid adoption and their new car sales moving to EV quickly.


On the silent side of Scandinavia, EVs whistle through Nordic mountains of Norway- hailed as the font of all things automotively electric. Norway have a charging infrastructure of just over 16,000 plug-in points and an adoption number of 470,309 electric cars- which is 1 in 29. You may be thinking ‘hang on, that isn’t even as good as the UK’ but you may want to hold your horses for a moment- as there are 2.81 million passenger vehicles in Norway- which means the charging infrastructure would allow for 1 in 176 charging points per vehicle if all cars switched to electric overnight. With the rate of EV adoption and charging point installation, this is a much more attainable goal.

Image: The USA is very divided when it comes to EVs as California has been an early adopter, whereas some parts of the country only have a few.

United States of America

If you fly across the pond to the US of A, you will find a country split on the EV front. California is the home of the electric car, accounting for half of electric car ownership in the whole country- whereas Wyoming has 330 registered across the whole state. To put that into perspective, Wyoming has a larger geographical area than the whole of the UK. All counted, there are just over 1 million electric cars in the US and 57,000 charging stations- which is 1 in 19 electric vehicles. Not bad. The slight issue is- similarly to the UK- the car market is much larger than that in general. There are 287 million cars on the road in the US, which means there is currently 1 charging station for every 5035 cars. If the US do not speed up, there are going to be some long queues at charging stations.

Image: China have thrust themselves into the world of EV at full steam (or without steam I suppose)


Where are the most charging stations located I hear you say? Well, this may surprise you but 2.2 million electric vehicle charging stations are located in… China. You may not think of China of being an environmentally conscious nation, but their electric vehicle infrastructure is growing massively by the day. Similarly to the US, there are 1 million electric cars on the road- so that is the first country we have looked at with a positive ratio of charging points to cars- at 2.2 per car.

Image: One of the new Chinese EVs is set to be one of the cheapest fully electric cars on the market (picture courtesy of Ora)

Now we come  to the wider car ownership, and this is where you imagine things to change. There are 240 million cars registered on China’s roads- there are actually limitations set by the Chinese Government on vehicle registrations which has helped these numbers- so that means there is 1 charging station per 109 cars on the road. Norway does not look so hot (not literally obviously) compared to these figures now. This is not the end of it either, China has taken the EV world on board fast and furiously and now offers the cheapest electric car on the market called the Ora Cat.

If you are thinking of dropping the petrol pump and picking up the charging plug, then talk to us at Van MonkEV and we can discuss the best options for your needs.

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