Bestselling Cars of 2021

There were 1.65 million new car registrations last year. That may seem like a lot, but it is only a 1% growth on last year. That means that it is the second-worst year for car sales since 1992 and about 25% less than in 2019. This has to be taken with a pinch of salt of course because in those years, there was not a semi-conductor shortage or a global pandemic. They have both had a fairly dramatic effect. That being said though, which were the bestselling cars of 2021?

Who were the winners?

Well, the Vauxhall Corsa. That is the headline. The Ford Fiesta has lost its crown of many years- and has now been pushed out of the top 10 registrations altogether. Ford still had the Puma at number 8 but so you may think it is not all bad- but this is the first time in 50 years that Ford have not topped the rankings with one of their vehicles. On the commercial side though, Ford are still proving their mettle- with the Ford Transit being the bestselling vehicle in the UK last year.

Image: The Ford Transit was the bestselling vehicle of 2021 overall (picture courtesy of Ford)

A surprise new e-entry was the Tesla Model 3, it was the bestselling electric vehicle and made it made it to number 2 overall in the car category. The Mini came in at number three- while the electrified Mini Electric made it to number seven in the electric car rankings.

Image: The bestselling cars of 2021 may have held some surprises

VW took a couple of places too- at number five with the Polo and number six with the Golf.

There is more than one category though…

Perhaps more significantly, the rise of the EV is happening and the e-wave is washing over the car market. Society of Motor Manufacturers and Trade chief executive Mike Hawes said, “More battery electric vehicles were sold in 2021 than in the previous five years combined.” In a year where new car sales are down, it is encouraging from a polar bear’s perspective that EVs are selling well.

Image: The Corsa makes it onto both the bestselling vehicles and the bestselling EVs. As do the Mini and Tesla Model 3.

With that said, petrol vehicles still made up 58 percent of the registrations- so that is still where the market is, but diesel has been eclipsed by hybrid and battery electric vehicles at a combined 19.5%.

Image: More charging stations are being called for to encourage and support a future EV market

How ready is the UK to take on a rapidly expanding EV market?

There are set to be another 47 new plug-in cars launched in 2022- so more choice for a potential EV adopter but Hawes has warned the Government and charging industry about the charging infrastructure we currently have and the need to improve it- to make sure we have the capacity to match the cut-off point of 2030.

Image: The Ford Kuga and Mercedes-Benz A Class make it onto both the overall list and the hybrid list.

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