New: Citroen Ami Buggy

The Citroen Ami has not yet reached the UK but the French Manufacturer has confirmed that it will be on our streets by summer 2022. It is a funny looking little thing and it splits opinion with an e-axe but it now has an even more bizarre looking sibling. The Citroen Ami  Buggy has been dreamt up.

What is it?

A dinky quadricycle made for city dashing up to 43 miles and at a top speed of 28mph is not necessarily what you would associate with Toyota Land Cruisers and Land Rover Discoverys. However, the Citroen Ami Buggy concept has been revealed and it looks like a Hot Wheels car that you can take for a spin.

Image: The Citroen Ami will be making its way to the UK later this year (picture courtesy of Citroen)

How will it differ from the standard Ami?

The first thing you notice about the Ami Buggy are the big chunky off-road tyres that jut out from under the wheel arches and the spare one that sits on the top of the panoramic roof. The next thing you might notice are the doors- or the fact that they are lacking. Instead, there are some fluorescent flaps at the bottom end of the doorframes- I’m guessing so the mud or water stays out but there is a good airflow for the passengers out in the wilderness. Maybe less for function and more for the off-road design language- there is even a little bull bar on the front.

Image: The Ami Cargo could be classed as a micro-van and is perfect for small deliveries in city environments (picture courtesy of Citroen)

There are some other additions too that you would see on other off roaders. There are light protectors front and back as well as an enormous LED light bar (compared to the Ami anyway) on top of the vehicle. There is also a roof lip that protects the occupants from sun glare at the top of the windscreen and a couple of protective sidebars and shields to protect the important bits underneath.

Image: The necessity for an Ami Buggy could be fleeting but the charming looks are hard to ignore (picture courtesy of Citroen)

There are also more storage compartments in the Ami Buggy; a moveable camera mount; and a speaker mount point on the dashboard. Many of these storage areas/compartments are removable, this is so you can use it for going out and having picnics according to Citroen.

When will we get to see the Ami Buggy?

It is not yet confirmed whether the Ami Buggy will go into production but Citroen says that it, “illustrates one of the many faces that could be developed for the Ami.” What else could it be? There is the standard Ami and the Ami Cargo but I’m struggling to see what else they could do with it? An Ami Train? An Ami Warfare edition? I’m sure the coming year will provide some answers to that.

What can we do to help?

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As always, thanks for reading and we hope to see you again soon!

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