London EV Show: Deep Drive

EVs are much simpler than ICE vehicles in terms of running gear. They need batteries and motors, once they have been added to a chassis though- you have a powered vehicle. Deep Drive have taken this idea and put it into production.

Deep Drive are a Munich based start-up that formed in 2021. They have designed and built a ‘Plug&Play’ EV platform. It is flat and completely scalable. That means vehicle manufacturers can design the body and interior of their new EVs and Deep Drive can supply the drivetrain.

Image: VW have developed their MEB platform which they use across their group of cars (picture courtesy of VW)

The major vehicle manufacturers have their own vehicle platforms that they have developed such as Hyundai/Kia’s e-gmp platform and VW’s MEB platform, so they will not need to sub-contract the drivetrain work to another company.

Image: The ID.3 is one of the new range of EVs that have emerged from Volkswagen, using the MEB platform (picture courtesy of VW)

However, when it comes to smaller car manufacturers who do not have the funds to develop a new driving platform for their new vehicles this could prove a viable alternative. It is not just aimed at car manufacturers either though, due to the platform being scalable- it can be as big or as small as the customer would like.

Although this may seem like a homogenisation of vehicles, and all vehicles will be the same- it actually allows for more. Smaller vehicle companies can make whatever vehicle they choose. This is because they will not have to invest so greatly into the propulsion.

The basic motor is 150kW, which is equal to 200hp and is designed to fit a standard 18” rim. Those are similar stats to a hot hatchback- such as the Fiesta ST and Polo GTI.

Image: The Hyundai group have used their E-GMP platform within their new Kia EV6 and Hyundai IONIQ 5 (picture courtesy of Kia)

With this kind of thinking, there could also be an argument for greater customisation from the customer too- they could greatly customise the bodyshell of the car that will fit on a customisable platform (in size).

The platform that Deep Drive have developed is flat. That is important not only for the customisation of the bodyshell, but it also means the practicality in the car is greatly improved as it can have flat floors for extra cabin space.

Image: The Deep Drive platform could be a mass-production option for creating new and cheaper EVs for the car and commercial vehicle market (picture courtesy of Deep Drive)


Deep Drive featured at the London EV Show and featured alongside many options for smart charging and telematics-based systems but there were not many other brands featured there that offered a similar service/product.

If you are thinking of switching the petrol pump for the charging plug, then at Van MonkEV we can discuss the right EV to fit what you need.

As always, thanks for reading and we hope to speak to you soon.

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