Daily Pre-use checks

We are all going back to work now with bleary eyes after a little break over Christmas, getting back into the routine. It can be easy to forget the very basics of staying safe with your vehicle and carry out your daily pre-use checks.

There can be some fairly dramatic consequences if you do not make sure your vehicle is up to scratch- as penalties for driving an unroadworthy vehicle include a fine of up to £2500, three penalty points and even a driving ban.



Image: Daily pre-use checks can ensure that you never face penalties on the road

Half of all vans fail their MOTs at the first attempt, the police and DVSA have the power to carry out spot checks on vehicles and two thirds of these vans have a serious mechanical defect. The driver is responsible for keeping these vehicles safe and making sure the vehicle is not overloaded- as that can also result in a prohibition notice.

To make sure that your van is roadworthy, it is important to make sure you carry out the required pre-use checks. Drivers are required to carry out these checks and report any of these issues to the vehicle owner.

Here are the daily checks to carry out on your vehicle:

  • Secure wheel fixings, bodywork and doors
  • All lights and brakes work
  • No fuel or oil leaks
  • Sufficient tyre pressure and tread depth
  • Tyres and free of cuts and defects
  • Clean and undamaged windscreen, windows and mirrors
  • Operational wipers, washers and horn
  • No excessive play in the steering
  • Secure tow bar/trailer coupling
  • Load tools are to be secure on the vehicle

These daily checks will ensure that you and other road users are as safe on the road as possible. However, at VM Vehicle Maintenance, we can make sure your vehicle is mechanically up to scratch with our vehicle maintenance contracts. We can make sure you and your vehicle stay on the road so you can carry out your work in a safe way. If you would like some more information on road safety, then check out our Van Driver Toolkit.

As always, thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!

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