Dacia: Non-Essential Technology

Cars these days are like laptops with wheels, is probably something you have heard an older person say. A study completed by Dacia revealed that 78% of drivers in the UK do not want unnecessary technology in their cars. So, the majority of people want rid of non-essential technology.

What is essential technology?

The most used technological features on cars these days were DAB radio, parking sensors and reversing cameras. This may have a certain demographic in mind as most younger people will ask you what a DAB radio is as they pair their phone to your car’s Bluetooth infotainment system.

It is unsurprising then that the company that conducted this survey and found this verdict was Dacia. Dacia is known more for their wallet-pleasing prices rather than their technological dazzlement, so it is not surprising that Dacia have proclaimed their cars have all the technology their consumers require.

Image: The subdued interior of the newest Dacia’s are a dramatic improvement on the basic predecessors (picture courtesy of Dacia)

What is non-essential technology?

Technology on offer in cars nowadays include gesture control in BMWs and autonomous driving from Tesla. These are slightly more high-tech than the more basic options on offer in the Dacia range. It is of course difficult to compare these features as the price-points at which they are available is vastly different- the Dacia Sandero is on sale at £9,845 a quantity of money that can be used for optional extras on new BMWs.

Handily, this was covered by Dacia’s survey too as they found that 61% of people would rather have an affordable car with technology they will actually use. Again though, do not be fooled- this is Dacia’s precise target market.

Dacia have a facelifted range on offer with the aforementioned Sandero, the recently updated Duster and the all new Jogger. Not sure on the name of the new addition, but due to the SUV qualities it will be a popular choice.

Whether or not you want a seat and four wheels or buttons and switches galore, we have options on offer for you to choose from at VM Vehicle Solutions.

As always, thanks for reading and we hope to speak to you soon!

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