EVs Arriving in 2022

The EV market is growing in the UK as we move towards the deadline of 2030 for the sale of new ICE vehicles. As with any new technology, it is expanding fast and the developments are speeding silently ahead of their predecessors such as the original Nissan Leaf. With that in mind, lets take a look and see the EVs arriving in 2022.

Like most classes of car, there are a sliding scale of price ranges to consider- so that the EV option is not just for those with the deepest of pockets.

Citroen Ami

Image: Citroen aims to provide fleets of Amis for cities as a hiring system (picture courtesy of Citroen)

Speaking of a sliding scale of price ranges, the Ami is very much at the bottom-end of the scale. Priced at £6,000, the Ami is very affordable by any new car standards. However, if you are expecting a small hatchback or similar- you will be surprised. The Ami is technically a quadricycle due to its weight, it can also only travel up to 28mph and has a maximum range of 43 miles.

Citroen’s vision was not necessarily for this car to be owned though, it was to be used like the scooter-hire systems we have in major cities now. The idea that you could pay for a short ride in the Ami on an app and plug it back in for the next person to use could be revolution for the future.

Cupra Born

Image: Following the ID.3, the Born offers a slightly more sinister alternative (picture courtesy of Cupra)

Jumping a little further up the ladder financially, we have the Cupra Born. The Born is based on the VW ID.3 but it look more like the design was based on a focus-group of 9-year old sci-fi fans. ‘I want it to be blue’. ‘I want it to have orange wheels’. ‘I want it to look like a shark. ‘Yeah, well sharks are scary so I want it to look like an egg’. And the Born was… erm… Created. The Born will have the same platform as the VW ID.3 and has the same batteries and motors.


Image: The BMW iX offers a modern looking crossover to the BMW range (picture courtesy of BMW)

There are two offerings from BMW in 2022, the i4 and the iX. The i4 is BMW’s new fully electric Gran Coupe, capable of up to 365 miles on a single charge and 5.7s 0-62mph time. It still looks like a Gran Coupe, but with some electric blue accents to distinguish it from the 4 series Gran Coupe counterparts.

The iX is a crossover-type vehicle to add to the ‘X’ range of BMW’s range. The bigger car iX is capable of 257 miles on a charge and 6.1s 0-62mph time. Both cars offer some impressive performance and range for their size- the i4 will start at just over £51,000 and the iX at just under £70,000.

Image: The BMW i4 Gran Coupe gives an e-feel to the traditional BMW saloon range (picture courtesy of BMW)


Image: Popular SUV crossovers are a new adaptation for Mercedes-Benz, the EQB adds to that range (picture courtesy of Mercedes-Benz)

Like BMW, Mercedes-Benz also have two offerings for the new year. More similarly still to BMW, they will be announcing a crossover SUV and a saloon vehicle. The Crossover will be called the EQB and is an electrified version of the combustion engine GLB. The range of the EQB will be up to 257 miles from a single charge and it will cost just over £52,000 with some electric car styling highlights and a flat radiator grill.

However, the EQE could turn some heads as it will offer up to 410 miles of range from a single charge and it has the most spaceship-like interior from any car manufacturer on the market. Prices have not yet been confirmed for the EQE but they are estimated to be around £60,000.

Image: The Mercedes-Benz EQE follows the styling cues of the new Mercedes-Benz saloon styling (picture courtesy of Mercedes-Benz)


Image: The Ariya has been designed to focus on the driver and occupants from a wellbeing perspective (picture courtesy of Nissan)

The new Ariya will be available from the Summer of 2022. In the promotional material it appears to have been excavated from a copper mine and the interior chiselled from volcanic rock from Iceland. It will offer up to 310 miles of range and options to ‘Personalise your Ariya to your lifestyle’- so look out for that.


Image: The Megane e-Tech has been developed in conjunction with the Nissan Ariya (picture courtesy of Renault)

The new Megane e-tech is based on the same platform as the Nissan Ariya although it cannot quite match the WLTP range of the Nissan. At 292 miles per charge, the Renault still beats a few cars within the crossover class and it looks fairly futuristic too but the design does not quite compare to that of the Nissan inside or out.


Image: Toyota have been developing hybrid options across their range for some time but the BZ4X is fully electric (picture courtesy of Toyota)

The catchily named BZ4X will be available from next year and seems to focus on the luxury principles of light and space as most of it appears to be glass. The BZ4X has an electric range of 280 miles, which will not trouble some EV crossovers on the market next year.

For some reason they have continued the black plastic trim over the wheel arch all the way up to surround the lights and whilst practical for replacement- it makes it look a little unfinished. In concept, it looked much more angular and prehistoric but as is the way with most- the designs were softened when it came to production.


Image: Volvo are offering the C40 recharge as an electric alternative to their ever-popular XC40 (picture courtesy of Volvo)

Volvo are offering their first pure electric crossover- the C40 Recharge. It is a compact SUV that is based on their very popular, XC40. It offers 273 miles of range on a single charge and a 0-62mph time of 4.7s which is not bad. The C40 Recharge also boasts to being 100% leather free- so that the sustainability does not end with the drivetrain.


Image: The new ID.5 will be VWs first SUV Coupe and add to their range of electric ID.s (picture courtesy of Volkswagen)

There will be a new number adding to the ID range after the ID.3 and ID.4- this time it is the 5. The new SUV Coupe will have a range of up to 320 miles on a single charge and the GTX will feature some sportier performance for a larger vehicle. Read more about the ID.5 here (link to article on the ID.5)


Image: The infamous Transit will be have an electric counterpart. It will be interesting to see how it compares in popularity (picture courtesy of Ford)

Finally some e-van e-news, as Ford is announcing an all-electric version of their commercial vehicle favourite- the Transit. The Transit will do up to 196 miles on a single charge and will have a max gross payload of 1758kg. Ford have chosen to take advantage of the Gross Vehicle Mass for e-vans, as allowances have been made for holders of Category B car licences to drive e-vans weighing up to 4.25 tonnes rather than 3.5 tonnes due to the extra battery weight.

The Transit will have a modern cabin with a large central screen and rapid charging will mean it can go from 15-80% in 34 minutes. Could this be the beginning of an electric van revolution?

What Can We do?

If you are thinking of making the switch from petrol pump to charging point, we can supply you with some options at VM Vehicle Solutions. If you are looking to switch to an electric van, we can help there too! Talk through the range of options we have at Van MonkEV and options available for next year too!

As always, thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!


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