EVs Are Viable Option for Fleets

If you ask people what their reasons for not going electric are, they will usually say that EVs do not offer the range they need from their vehicle. However, due to the developments in the electric vehicle world EVs are viable option for fleets.

Data analysis from 67,000 company fleet vehicles conducted by VimCar has found that range anxiety was the reason most companies were not picking up the plug.

What Are The Numbers?

The average distance that 90% fleet vehicles travelled each day was 186 miles. That may seem like a lot and make electric vehicles unfeasible for the task. There are now many EVs that can cover that sort of range, some are even claimed to cover nearly double that- such as the new Kia EV6 with a claimed battery range of 328 miles.

At the moment though, only 3% of fleet vehicles are either hybrid or electric. That is a staggeringly low figure, especially when they are £131 cheaper to run per month on average. The road tax for EVs is £0 a year as they do not have any OTR emissions. This lowers the Benefit in Kind rate significantly compared to combustion engine vehicles.

Image: The Kia EV6 is proof that range is no longer an issue (picture courtesy of Kia)

Pros and Cons?

There is an argument to suggest that the inconvenience of charging times can put a lot of drivers off the move to EV- as it is not as quick as filling up at a fuel station and the availability of places to ‘fill-up’ are fewer. However, what you cannot do with a combustion engine vehicle is continuously fill up at home- as we do not have petrol pumps attached to our houses (for obvious reasons). Whereas we can with EVs.

The rapid charge times of some vehicles is quite convenient too, for example the Kia mentioned earlier will do 62 miles on under a 5-minute charge. It will also go from 10-80% charge in 18 minutes- that is equal to 262 miles. That is more than enough to cover the average mileage covered by 90% of fleet vehicles of 186.

Image: The all-new Vauxhall Vivaro-e has won electric van of the year due to the practicality of the vehicle (picture courtesy of Vauxhall)

Commercial EVs

It is not just cars though, there are a crop of vans that are able to cover the mileage too. The award-winning and bestselling Vauxhall Vivaro-e has a range of up to 205 miles on a single charge. The Vivaro-e also has a rapid charging feature, offering up to 80% charge in 45 minutes.

All of this means the move to EVs are a credible option for many fleets and could be a relatively easy way to reduce emissions from business with minimal disruption and cost.

What Can We Do?

If you are thinking of putting down the petrol pump and picking up the charging plug, then we have some options for you at Van MonkEV and VM Vehicle Solutions. We want to make the transition from ICE to EV as painless as possible so we can discuss options and see which is the right vehicle for your needs.

As always, thanks for reading and we hope to speak soon!

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