All-New VW Taigo

If there was one class of car that you would say we a surplus of at the moment, what would be your answer? If it isn’t SUV or Crossover, I don’t know where you’re currently living. Well, VW have decided we need to diversify with the new name in their vehicle line-up. The All-New VW Taigo … SUV Coupe crossover.

Image: The all-new VW Taigo R-Line (picture courtesy of VW)

It is part of VW’s small class of vehicles- with the T-Cross and Polo as it’s about 15cm longer than the Polo and 6mm wider. The difference between the Taigo and Polo is of course the height. The SUV/Crossover driving position seems to be the main selling point. Due to the height of the car, it also has a larger boot volume at 440 litres (about 90 more than the Polo).

The Engines

You can get the Taigo with two petrol engine options. It offers a 1.0 litre producing either 95hp or 110hp and a 1.5 litre engine producing 150hp. These engines are available as 5-speed or 6-speed manuals and the 1.5 is offered with a 7-speed DSG.

Image: The Taigo will feature a few efficient petrol engines (picture courtesy of VW).

It also comes in three different trim levels: Life, Style and R-Line. Life starts at £22,450; Style at £25,860; R-Line at 26,735. From the three models, the design and styling goes from fairly basic, to utilitarian to sporty and imposing- with black trim-highlights added to the R-Line.

The Interior

There are some funky seat-cloths on offer with quite modern and light colours used as well as body-colour interior highlights on the dash and centre console. Nice touch and handy if you forget what colour your car is. You can also get a ‘tilting and sliding’ panoramic sunroof but you will have to sacrifice roof-rails for it- so beware of that.

Image: The Taigo’s interior can be customised with some funky cloth seats and exterior colour trim (picture courtesy of VW)

It comes with a wireless phone charger in the front storage compartment (as most modern cars do these days as that’s where everyone puts their phone anyway- so it may as well be charging). It features VW’s new infotainment system with a 20cm high screen as standard but navigation, media and internet don’t come as standard until you get to the two higher models.


There are some other tech-y bits that we’re seeing on most modern cars these days- like parking assist, adaptive cruise control and lane assist.

How does it compare?

It is fairly economical- as it does between 45.6-52.3 mpg and annual road tax cost of £155. The Polo offers the same road tax cost and a similar mpg- so the engines they have put in the Taigo are efficient. Generally, I think it looks quite good too. The problem is, I still find the idea of an SUV Coupe confused. SUVs are more practical than hatchbacks as you can fit more things into them and if you need to belt the kids in- it’s easier to lean over at that height. I get that.

Image: The Taigo is classed as an all new SUV Coupe (picture courtesy of VW)

However, an SUV coupe cuts the boot space off from a traditional SUV. If you want practicality- get the T-Cross, if you want sportier handling- get the Polo. If you aren’t bothered about either of those things and just want a higher driving position- then consider the VW Taigo.

If you’re thinking of getting a new vehicle, or want to see what is on offer when you are, then view our list on VM Vehicle Solutions. You can give us a call and we can discuss the options you have and we can offer.

As always, thanks for reading and we hope to speak to you soon!

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