Bestselling e-LCV Manufacturer in UK is Vauxhall

Good news for Vauxhall! The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have decreed, according to the latest sales and registrations figures, that Vauxhall is the bestselling e-LCV manufacturer.

What are the Numbers?

Vauxhall have sold 2,158 e-LCVs so far this year. That is a big win for Vauxhall in the e-LCV market. It is not such a great win for the e-LCV market in general though. To put the bestselling e-LCV figures into perspective, the bestselling ICE van was the Ford Transit Custom at 4,359.

Image: The Vauxhall e-range is now available (picture courtesy of Vauxhall, Stellantis)

You may think, that is not too bad- half the sales number may not challenge the ICE bestseller, but it is progress. It may change your mind to find out that Ford sold 4,359 of its Transit Custom in October… Not the year of 2021 so far like the Vauxhall. When you look at the figures for the year so far, Ford have sold well over 40,000. It could be a while until those figures balance themselves.

What Made Them the Bestsellers?

Back to Vauxhall though and you find that the critically acclaimed Vivaro-e is the underpinnings of the e-LCV sales figures. That is not a surprise as it took home a variety of awards last year including Van Of The Year, Electric Van Of The Year and Best Electrified Commercial Vehicle. Not bad.

Image: The e-Vivaro features an impressive maximum payload for an e-LCV (picture courtesy of Vauxhall, Stellantis)

e-Vivaro Specifications

Behind the awards, and perhaps the reasons for the Vivaro-e winning them were the 50kWh battery offering a 1,226kg payload and a 143 mile range as well as 0-80% rapid charging in 30 minutes and the 75kWh battery which offers a 205 mile range and a 1,002kg payload with 0-80% in 45 minutes.

It also comes with some tech as standard like a 7” screen, rear parking sensors and rain-sensitive windscreen wipers. All of that comes at a price of £29,298.33 including the government grant- which is quite competitive.

Image: The e-Vivaro features a range of three vehicle levels (picture courtesy of Vauxhall, Stellantis)

More generally at Vauxhall, they aim to offer electric versions of all of their current cars and vans but by 2028 they say they will only sell EVs. Looking at the current sales figures, I think that could be a stretch if sales do not start to pick up in the e-LCV market.

Image: Vauxhall say they will only sell EVs by 2028 (picture courtesy of Vauxhall, Stellantis)

Conversely, maybe it is a good gamble from Vauxhall (or Stellantis I should say as they will be doing something similar with Vauxhall’s sister brands Citroen and Peugeot) because they will be pre-empting the nationwide switchover in 2030.

They will have an established line-up of vehicles and there will not be a mad panic on the 31st of December 2029- they can welcome in the new year with a bang or a faint electric whine I should say.

How Can We Help?

If you are interested in swapping the petrol pump for a charging plug, then we may be able to help at Van MonkEV with the transition process or give you the options we have on offer for you to decide.

As always, thanks for reading and we hope to speak to you soon.

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