UK Will See Citroen Ami in 2022

There has been a small, French, half insect, half brick that has slowly been populating Western Europe. We have not yet had the option to purchase it unfortunately. Things are about the change though. From 2022, the Citroen Ami and Ami Cargo will be available to order in the UK.

Image: The fully electric Citroen Ami (picture courtesy of Citroen, Stellantis)

The zero-emission quadricycle has gained a lot of attention and 9,000 have sold in the last year. It splits opinion where looks are concerned. We have some fans of the styling and some that were disgusted by the sight of the Ami in the office.

What is it?

The Ami is not for the country dweller. It will do just over 40 miles on a charge and can only do speeds of up to 28mph. This does mean that 16-year-olds will be able to drive it after passing a theory test and Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

Of those purchased, 85% of customers would recommend the toy machine to friends and families.

Image: The Ami is basically a blank canvas (picture courtesy of Citroen, Stellantis)

Customisation Options

Not only that though, the little Citroen will soon be available with customisable options. Citroen say that your Ami can reflect your personality- let us hope you have a good one then.

There will be six different decorative sticker options on offer: Jungle, Tutti Frutti, British Globetrotter, Camo, Tribe and Trendy.

If you really want to, you will have the option of applying the stickers yourself. That sounds like a nice idea but you just know it will never be completely straight. You know there will always be some air pockets you cannot get rid of. The sticker options available in France at the moment range between £24.50 for two stickers and £75 for four lower door decorations.

Image: Urban living with the Ami (picture courtesy of Citroen, Stellantis)

The decoration does not stop there though, Faab Fabricauto (Citroen’s design partner) offer partial to full body customisations with logos, images or even photos to be added to the Ami. These options are offered for around £220-£300 but you can also have the whole vehicle customised for £525.

What About the UK?

I think this could prove to be an exciting and practical little car for the UK’s roads. You will never struggle to park the Ami- that is for sure and for fleet drivers it could mean a nippy and environmentally friendly little cargo vehicle.

Image: The Ami is aimed to be a vision of the future (picture courtesy of Citroen, Stellantis)

The customisation potential for these little insect/quadricycles is huge with the stickers for fleets and fun graphics for private. The flatness of the vehicle make this customisation so much more viable.

If the Ami were to be bought privately, there could be an argument made for adding your own spray-paint artwork to the sides of it. I would never condone or recommend this though of course.

Image: The Ami offers some competitive storage solutions (picture courtesy of Citroen, Stellantis)

The only issue with it will be the price, it is cheap compared to a lot of new cars- but it is a lot smaller and slower. If you ever need to go near a dual-carriageway or motorway- you will have to think elsewhere. For round cities though, it is an interesting little concept.

How Can We Help?

If you are thinking of swapping the petrol pump for the charging plug, we have a range of options on offer for you at Van MonkEV. We know this is a new world and we want to help wherever we can if you are thinking of making the switch.

As always thanks for reading and we hope to speak to you soon!

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