The Importance of Wheel Alignment

We all make sure we look after our tyres- as that is our only contact with the road. The better condition your tyres are in, the more control you will have over the car and the safer you will be behind the wheel. There is no disputing that, but it is not quite that simple. Sometimes the importance of wheel alignment can be overlooked…

What Actually is it?

Wheel alignment is adjusting the angle that your wheel is at to make sure it fits in accordance with how the manufacturer intended. Making sure your wheels are aligned means your vehicle is at optimum performance and safety.

What Causes Them to Misalign?

Well, although age of the vehicle and wear and tear can have an effect on the alignment of your wheels due to worn suspension or brakes. However, do not think that just because you have a new vehicle you are safe from wheel misalignment.

Driving over rough road surfaces, potholes and kerbing your vehicle can throw off your wheel alignment. One annoying cause of wheel misalignment is the wheels not being correctly aligned in the first place- so make sure you get them checked but there are ways for you to tell if your wheels are misaligned…

Signs Your Wheels are Misaligned…

Uneven Tyre Wear

Tyre wear happens over time and will usually be even over the part of the tyre that has contact with the road. However, if your wheels are misaligned your tyres will begin to wear unevenly.

Pulling to One Side

When you are driving along, your car should travel and brake in a straight line without any steering input. However, when your wheel alignment is out- your vehicle will pull to one side when travelling and stopping. You can see how that could lead to some quite serious problems.


You will notice that your steering will become less accurate and will require more input to travel in certain directions when your wheels are misaligned, and the steering wheel will probably need to be at an angle when trying to travel straight.

Why is Wheel Alignment Important?

Wear and Tear

No one wants to buy a new set of tyres. They are a necessary spend but it is hardly a nice meal or a ticket to see a gig. Making sure your wheels are aligned properly makes sure that your tyres do not wear out prematurely. It is not just tyres though- misaligned wheels can wear out your brakes and suspension too! Align your wheels and take yourself or your partner out for a meal instead.

Fuel Consumption

Misaligned wheels burns money in another way too- fuel. We are currently living in a time where fuel has never been more expensive, so we want to make sure we use it sparingly rather than wasting it.

If your wheels are not aligned correctly, they will drag and create more friction with the road. This means using fuel unnecessarily- which no one wants to be doing right now.


Arguably the most important aspect of having your wheels aligned correctly is that it makes your driving as safe as it can be. Misaligned tyres and uneven wear can mean that certain parts of your tyre lack grip.

This means that you might not have full control over the vehicle in certain situations. Making sure your tracking and tyres are as good as they can be means optimum safety and performance.

What Can We Do To Help?

We want to make sure you are as safe as possible at Van Monkey. That is why we offer maintenance contracts through VM Vehicle Maintenance which will ensure your vehicle is fully maintained and therefore as safe as it can be on the road. If you have doubts about the maintenance or tracking on your vehicle then get in contact with us and we will make sure we help wherever we can.

As always, thanks for reading and we hope to speak to you soon!

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