UK’s Worst Areas for Winter Weather Accidents

We all know what driving in the Winter is like, with condensation on the windows and slippery roads under our wheels- a lot of us know to be a little bit more careful on the road but there are still a few accidents on the road over the Winter months. But where are the worst areas for winter weather accidents in the UK?

The Department for Transport have published data from the last five years across 206 local authorities to determine which area has the most accidents. The conditions concerned are snow, ice, fog, floods and darkness during the Winter that make us more likely to have an accident.

There were 44,783 accidents during wintry weather between 2016-2020 , that equates to one accident on the road every hour during these weather conditions.

The Top 10

Kent came out the highest overall, this translates to an average breakdown of 402 accidents in these adverse weather conditions each year. Not only does Kent come top overall, it has the highest recorded accidents for snow, fog/mist, frost/ice and darkness.

The only adverse condition Kent did not feature as the highest for was flooding- that was Nottinghamshire. Adam at Van Monkey lived in Nottingham for two years and can attest to this- although the council have made alterations to roads and plans to cope with flooding now, there are still a lot of problems caused by heavy rain.

Those were the worst areas for accidents during these weather conditions but what about the best?

Top 10 Areas with the Fewest Accidents

It is unsurprising that London comes out at the lowest, the accident was caused by snowy weather conditions, but it is a tiny area. The population on the Isles of Scilly means that the likelihood of crashes are much lower.

We Have Some Tips for Driving in the Winter

You can find hints and tips for driving safely and keeping you on the road all over our blog!

  1. Keep Your Windows Clean

Glass glare in the dark will be caused by lights from other cars. Having dirty glass increases this glare and can make it difficult for you to see. Make sure your glass stays clean to avoid any glare.

  1. Pull Away in Second Gear

Pulling away in second gear will make sure you minimise wheel-spin and make give you better traction on the road as you pull away.

  1. Use Your Fog Lights… But Do Not Forget To Turn Them Off

Fog lights are very useful when you are in foggy conditions but leaving them on when they are not necessary can land you a £50 fixed penalty. Follow this rule though and you will be fine.

  1. Keep a Spare Pair of Shoes

During snowy conditions, your shoes can become slippery and wet. Having snow all over your shoes when you get start driving means you could lose control of the pedals.

  1. Break Down in a Flood, Do Not Open Your Bonnet

The rainwater could get in and damage your cars electrics. We all know how water and electricity mixes, so make sure you keep it dry!

How Can We Help?

We want to make sure you are safe on the road this Winter wherever you live and whatever the weather. You can read our advice from our Van Driver Toolkit on our website. Not only that, with our VM Vehicle Maintenance Contract we can help if you run into trouble. Whether it is accidents, breakdowns or just making sure your car is ready for all weather- we have you covered!

As always, thanks for reading and we hope to speak to you soon!

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