We Can Help You Save Money And The Environment

Fuel has literally never been more expensive. The prices of petrol and diesel have hit an all-time high. Tips on how to save fuel will help you to save money and the environment. The switch to EV’s seems to be on its way but that may not be an option for many of us due to price, range-anxiety, availability of chargers or just not being ready yet. Fear not though, for the EV drivers among us- these tips and hints will apply to you too!

Lose Weight

No, we are not being rude. You may be thinking “I need all of the stuff in my van!” Do you need absolutely everything? Removing excess weight within the vehicle will mean you will not need to put as much pressure on the engine and you will use less fuel.  If you do need everything in your van, then fear not- there is still something you can do to shed weight. Filling up a 70-litre diesel tank will weigh an extra 57kgs. This is a dramatic amount, so if you fill up more frequently with less fuel you will be carrying less weight around with you without even knowing it! This does not just mean weight in your vehicle, towing a trailed unnecessarily can hugely affect your fuel efficiency, make sure to ditch the hitch whenever you do not need it.

Clear The Roof

Anything you do that increases the amount of aerodynamic drag will make you burn fuel more quickly. That means if you have a roof rack or ladders on your roof, the vehicle will need to burn more fuel to move forwards. A study carried out by the Finnish authorities found that in some cases, items attached to the roof can use up to 25% more fuel.

Check Your Tyres

We all need to check our tires more often than we probably do. This is usually to make sure we are going to be safe when we are out on the road. However, if your tires are not pumped up properly you will be using more fuel than you need to because of the increased friction. It is estimated for every 10% under the recommended tire pressure you are, you will use 3% more fuel. Over time this will add up, especially as fuel is at the price it is. At VM Vehicle Maintenance, we can offer tyre checks and replacements with our service contract to make sure you are always driving safely and efficiently.

Keep Your Vehicle Maintained

If your vehicle is serviced properly and maintained, it will be as fuel efficient as it can be. Making sure your air filters are not clogged up is one thing that will make your engine more efficient- this will be checked on your regular service. If your brakes begin to bind, this will be as if you are permanently driving uphill. This is something that will be checked on your regular service too. If you join us with a VM Vehicle Maintenance contract, then we will make sure that your vehicle is as efficient and up to scratch as possible when we service your vehicle.

Air Con VS Windows

It can be easy to forget when the air conditioning is on sometimes because a lot of us leave it on the whole time. However, if you use your air conditioning at slow speeds, the vehicle will have to work harder to give you cool air. This means that when you are travelling at slow speeds, it is more efficient to open the windows of the vehicle rather than use the air conditioning. However, once you start travelling at more than about 50mph, the aerodynamic drag created will outweigh the use of air con- not to mention it being a bit blustery at that speed anyway. When you get to those kind of speeds, put your windows up and switch to air con.

Plan Your Journeys


Planning your journey before setting off can be a vital way of saving time and money. Using live-update services like Google Maps or Waze, gives you real-time traffic updates so you know the roads to avoid when you set off. This will save you sitting in traffic and wasting fuel. If you have multiple drop-offs, then it will be beneficial to plan them out before you set off to make sure that you cover the least amount of miles for the whole trip.

Cheapest Fuel or Closest Fuel

Supermarket fuel is usually the cheapest wherever you go, so making your way to one of those will always be better than using other outlets. However, if the supermarket fuel forecourt is too far out of your way- it could actually be more expensive to driver further than get cheaper fuel. Calculate your vehicle’s MPG, the price difference in fuel and the distance away to see which works out cheapest for you.

Careful! Don’t Wake The Baby!

Driving more carefully saves fuel. So, driving as if you have a sleeping baby on board is good practice to drive as gently and careful as possible. Driving in a gear that does not labour the engine, accelerating smoothly and reducing the amount of harsh braking are all ways to save fuel. However, all of these tips can be combined into one trick: Anticipate the road ahead. The further you look ahead of you, the sooner you can prepare for it. For example, if you see the lights changing to from red to green down the road with a queue of cars, do not accelerate towards them, keep to a consistent speed so that you can continue without braking and wasting momentum.

How Can We Help You?

The increase in the price of fuel is like having to fill up two vehicles every time you need some nowadays- so we need to make sure we are getting the most miles for our money. We hope that some of our little hints and tips can help you just in time for Christmas. If you want to make sure your vehicle is working as efficiently as possible, join us with a VM Vehicle Maintenance service contract. Or, if you are thinking of ditching fuel altogether and moving to an EV, then have a look at the options we have on offer at Van MonkEV.

As always, thanks for reading and we hope to see you again soon!

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