Make Your Van Pass its MOT

We all know how important it is for our vehicles to pass their MOT. This means that they can stay on the road and working for as long as possible. However, the key to this is making sure your vehicle is regularly maintained to make your van pass its MOT.

The Statistics

Almost half (45%) of all 3 to 3.5 tonne vans have failed their MOT on average every year. It does not stop there either, a third of all LCVs fail their MOT too! This is a worrying and expensive statistic for van owners across the country.

The average cost to repair a van that has failed its Mot is £143, according to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. If you multiply that figure up across the country though, this means an overall figure of £193 million. That is a number to be ignored.

According to the DVSA, the most common reasons for MOT failure are damaged lights, faulty brakes and unsafe suspension.

Although these issues are serious enough for your vehicle to fail its MOT, they are very easily solved.

How To Make Sure You Are Covered

Keeping your vehicle maintained properly and having regular services means you would not have to worry about your vehicle’s MOT.

Here at VM Vehicle Maintenance, we can make sure you do not add to these statistics. The service contracts we offer would cover your vehicle’s maintenance needs. We will make sure that when the date of your MOT comes around, you will not have to stress.

You can find out more about our VM Vehicle Maintenance service contracts here.

As always, thanks for reading and we hope to see you again soon!


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