EV Charging Points Mandated by Government

An update on the move from ICE vehicles has seen EV charging points mandated by the government with all newbuild homes from next year. This has also been extended to supermarkets and offices.

Not only will newbuild properties come with electric charging points as standard but major renovation work to buildings with over 10 car parking spaces will also require a charging point. Although it has not been confirmed how many.

This will increase the electric vehicle charging points year-on-year by 145,000, the Government has said. There have been 250,000 EV charging points installed so far with support from the Government. This increase will be necessary to meet the 2030 target of no new solely ICE vehicles.

New commercial charging points will also feature a contactless payment system, which will make EV charging payments much simpler.

Can You Benefit?

It has also been announced that Innovate UK will be delivering a three-year-programme of £150 Million in new ‘Innovation Loans’. These will be to help SMEs (Small to Medium-sized Enterprises) with research and development plans.

Green businesses will be able to apply for these loans from next year. Although the loans will be available for a variety of sectors.

Will This Make a Difference?

Patrick Reich, Co-Founder of Bonnet, an electric charging platform, stated that this new development shows a step in the right direction from the Government. This also means that the worry of ‘range-anxiety’ will reduce as charging points become more readily available.

However, one issue that Reich has explained is that “around 40% of UK homes don’t have a private driveway”. This means that residents will have to rely on public charging points. Without proper investment and commitment to rolling these out more widely there will still be issues with changing from ICE to electric vehicles.

For fleet and company car drivers, the announcement of competitive pricing for EV charging on motorways has been made due to exclusive charging point agreements have been ruled out with the likes of Roadchef, Extra and MOTO.

Thinking of making the swap from ICE to EV?

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As always, thanks for reading and we hope to see you again soon!

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