How To Defrost and De-ice Your Vehicle

Out of nowhere, it seems Winter is here. We have not got any of the fun snowmen to build yet though- just icy mornings and all of our cars frosted over. It is reaching the time where you have to defrost and de-ice your vehicle.

No one wants this annoyance on an already cold, dark, Winter morning so we have some dos and do NOTs for defrosting your vehicle…

What Will You Need…

It is pretty simple really, you will need an ice-scraper and maybe some de-icer as well as some gloves so your hands do not get too cold before you set off. We recommend you keep these bits in your vehicle somewhere during Winter to make sure that you are never caught out wherever you may find yourself.

What To Do…

Scrape your vehicle’s windows with the ice scraper and spray some de-icer onto the glass to make sure it has all been scraped off. Make sure you clear your registration plate and all your lights for the benefit of other road users.

When you do this, make sure your windscreen wipers are off as this could damage their motor if they get frozen to the glass.

Start your engine and turn on the air conditioning to gently defrost and de-mist the glass on the inside of your vehicle by circulating the air all around the inside of it.

What NOT To Do…

There are some rules of what not to do when you are de-icing your vehicle though- some could even land you with a fine. For something as simple as clearing the ice off your windows, it is not worth handing over your hard-earned cash so we want to make sure you never fall prey to this!

You should never leave your vehicle unattended with the engine idling, for one thing it would not take a master criminal to make a quick getaway with your vehicle, but it could also land you with a £20 fine.

You should not use hot water on the iced-up glass on your vehicle- this temperature contrast could make your vehicle even colder than it already is this Winter as the glass could smash.

Trying to remove the ice from your windows by operating them could damage the electrics so, make sure you never try to clear the glass on your vehicle this way.

Something else that could lead to you losing some cash is driving around without clearing all of the windows and mirrors on your vehicle- this time you could end up losing £60, so make sure you clear all that glass!

Even if it looks amusing, it is not a good idea to drive around with snow on your roof. Although this is not technically against the law, it could fall down onto your windows and your visibility will be impaired. It could also impede other road users by falling into their path.

Last one- use a scraper or a cloth on your windows. Using your hands on your glass could leave greasy marks which would add to the job of your clearing your windows and no one wants that!

What Can We Do To Help?

If you want more information for driving in the Winter months, then you can have a look at our Van Driver Toolkit.

You can also take a look at the rest of the tools in our Van Driver Toolkit here.

As always, thanks for reading and we hope to see you again soon!

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