Oct/Nov Blog

We haven’t had anything too scary at the Van Monkey HQ, even with Halloween, and the only loud bangs we heard were the fireworks- so there have been no bumps in the road for us! So here is out Oct/Nov Blog!

Christmas Fleet Event

There is some news that we are all excited about in the office at Van Monkey… Our annual Fleet Event! We will all be there (like we would miss it) and so will all of our partners!

It has been a while since we have all been together so there will be some *festive* drinks on offer for all, some free merchandise (who doesn’t love a monkey) as well as a chance to catch up!

Fans of the Baggies will be doubly pleased with the venue, but everyone will be welcome- it is nearly Christmas after all!

Date For Your Calendar:

Friday 10th December (10am – 3pm),

West Bromwich Albion

Supported by FleetView Solutions

To make sure we know you will be attending, email: gemma@vanmonkey.co.uk

Road Safety Week (November 15th)

At Van Monkey we never monkey around with safety. We want to make sure your van is as safe as it can be with our VM Vehicle Maintenance team, so you know your van will always be ready for the open road.

We are all safer behind the wheel when we are less stressed. Fiat have found a way to keep stress-levels down behind the wheel and it may be simpler than you think…

When Fiat tested the diesel Ducato to the E-Ducato, the electric option was found to be 4 times quieter than the traditional diesel. The noise levels inside the E-Ducato are comparable to a passenger talking, whereas the diesel option was comparable to passenger shouting- that is a noticeable difference.

There is also of course the difference of the single-speed transmission which the gear-changing thought process when negotiating built-up areas.

Driving around busy, built-up areas is never going to be stress-free but the electric option offers some benefits to reduce any added stress as much as possible.


On the topic of Road Safety Week, we like to offer as much support to our customers as possible where safety is concerned with our van driver toolkit.

Our Van Driver Toolkit offers you the advice and information from Highways, England as to how you can keep you and your van safe.

Whether it be: Driving Licence information; Messages on Driving Safety; Your Fitness to Drive; The Benefits of Smarter Driving; Driving Safely; Restrictions that apply to you; or Seasonal Driving, we have the answers to any question you can think of.

As we are getting towards Christmas, you have got the expense of all those Christmas presents! To make sure you have not got any unwanted expenses, make sure any snow and ice has been removed from your windows and you can see clearly- or you could be fined!

Read more about this and more in the seasonal section of our Van Driver Toolkit.

New Arrivals

We believe in investing in young people at Van Monkey. In that vein, we have two new starters joining us to extend our troop of monkeys!

To join Gemm in our Marketing team, we have Mr. Adam Baker on November 15th, he will be assisting the team with any copywriting or marketing needs.

Adam graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a journalism degree in the summer and is ready to get into the world of work. He has written everything from reports from the court room, to reviews of train journeys- so he is ready to put his thoughts on the page for us.

And in the sales corner… We have a Mr. Mateen Perez as our new sales assistant. Mateen has recently graduated from The University of West England with a degree in forensics, so we can all rely on Mateen to focus on all the details! Mateen’s focus will be maintaining relationships with our customers- so listen out for his calls.

We know how important it is to maintain our relationships at Van Monkey, so Mateen will be making sure he can help wherever he can.

We look forward to adding some more monkeys to our team here at Van Monkey!

Happy Work Anniversary Bob!

Bob joined us on November 2nd 2020, and he manages our Movements- with deliveries and collections of our vehicles.

Bob has been in the transport and trucks industry for many years and has brought his wealth of experience with him- as well as a laugh or two for the office. From HGVs, vans and cars- Bob delivers it to anywhere in the country, so no-one gets up earlier in the morning than Bob!

Thanks for your early mornings and commitment to delivering a smile as well as a vehicle for us!

Happy Work Anniversary Gemma!

Gemm joined us on November 1st 2019 as a Marketing Manager. She was attracted to the work we do here due to the brand and the ethos of the company. Gemm has enjoyed her creative freedom at Van Monkey and has worked on our marketing campaigns, designing all of our graphics for our social media accounts and helping with the delivery of our vehicles!

Although Van Monkey’s values of customer service haven’t changed since joining- there is a lot else that has. VM Vehicle Maintenance has been introduced for the maintenance and service all your vehicles as well as introducing VanMonkEV (as our electric van division) and VM Vehicle Movements- to deliver your vans to your door.

Gemm is excited to grow her marketing team and use all the marketing tools she can get her hands on to deliver a top-notch service for all of our customers.

Thanks Gem- it is good to have you with us!

As always, thank you for all your support so far and we hope to see you again soon!

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