Home Shopping Boom Leads To Increase Of Van Fleets

Online shopping (home shopping) has been increasing year on year, but over the last 18 months has been its most significant increase to date! The pandemic has been a huge factor in the rise of online shopping, and the knock-on effect for supermarket groups has been an increase in their van fleets.

Sales of new vans in the UK came close to record levels during the first six months of 2021 due to the boom in home deliveries and the economy reopening. This may appear to be good news for our economy, but it is quite the opposite. Demand may be high but semi-conductor shortage is responsible for long delays in the delivery of these vehicles, stunning the growth of the automotive trade for some time to come.

The home shopping boom has also incentivised companies to convert to electric alternatives, the demand for electric vehicles has been relatively strong but continues to rise. In June they accounted for more than one in every 10 vehicles sold!

So who are these Vehicle Fleet Operatives with the most vehicles?

Royal Mail

Royal mail has over 46,690 Cars, LCVs, and HGVs vehicles within their fleet, which is pretty astonishing! They are currently trialing new electric vehicles for last-mile deliveries in residential areas in an effort to further reduce their carbon emissions.

Top 20 Private Sector Fleets

We can only predict increases year or year, online shopping is unquestionably gaining momentum, whether this will be a fantastic impact on the auto industry or a strain, time will tell.


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