Best & Worst Places To Drive Your EV

Hi Guys!

This article is for EV drivers, in particular, however, it may be a deciding factor to those who are considering converting to Electric Cars or Vans…

There has been much controversy lately regarding the lack of charging points in the UK, well more to the point of the lack of exposure of where to find these mystical charging points.

However, we can inform you of the best and worst places to drive your Electric vehicles!

It comes as no surprise that Westminister has been identified as the best place in the UK to drive an electric vehicle with regards to the availability of charging infrastructure, but who where else is equipped for the new economical driving venture?

Where there is the best, there is also the worst. So where is the worst place to drive an EV? Well according to the research carried out by CarFinance247, the worst place to drive is in fact: Southend-on-Sea.

Southend-on-Sea is not the only place that is lacking EV charging infrastructure:

It is noticeable the best places are also the wealthiest of places, this is going to impact the amount of funding that can be allocated to increasing the EV charging infrastructure. It takes no genius to realise that a significant amount of work needs to be done across the entirety of the UK to cater to the “Go Electric” movement.

Well, as always we hope this was helpful and especially to those considering switching to electric vehicles.

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