Moving Away From Outright Purchase Continues…


Operating lease has soared in population for vans and that is just over the past 12 months! More and more businesses are now using leasing to fund their vans.

The proportion of companies now opting to lease some or all of their light commercial vehicles has risen from 47% to 62%. Operating lease now accounts for 48.7% of all vans funded by Fleet200, now that is an astonishing shift from outright purchase!

More businesses have opted to fund their vans via operating leases over the past year, but flexi-hire/rent is also growing in popularity:

  • 62% of companies are now using operating leases which is an increase up from 47%, 48.7% are vans which is an increase from last year 41.7%.
  • Slightly more companies are using outright purchase this year as opposed to 47% in 2020, it is, however, being used to fund fewer vans, at 33.9% down from 37.2%
  • The growth method is Flexi-hire/rental which is being used in some form by 29% of companies, up from 3% last year.

This does, however, come as no surprise that operating lease and Flexi-hire/rental is the obvious choice for companies across the UK, with flexible and affordable repayments, definitely a no-brainer of a choice.

On that note, thank you kindly for reading, until next time…

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