GO Electric, But Where Are All The Charging Points?


Yes, you cannot deny that the growth in electric vehicles is rising, the goal is of course to reduce emissions and help save our planet, however, EVs would be a lot more appealing to the public if a visible charging point infrastructure was in place.

Purchasing an EV and deciding to go all-electric is not the problem, locating a charging point is, and that leaves little confidence in our consumers…

There are three barriers in which fleet operators and consumers are facing:

  1. Absence of accurate location data – There are indeed enough electric charging points, there is roughly one charge point for every six battery electric vehicles in the UK.  The issue? Where are they and how do we know if they are available? Lack of information is a major concern for fleets that rely on public charging infrastructure. It does not take a genius to realise further innovation and changes in open date are required,  fleets can however make use of other open data such as the BCR to quickly and efficiently identify charge points located near their businesses or along key transit routes.
  2. Property leaseholders & tenants cannot install domestic charge points – A significant amount of fleets rent rather than own offices, particularly their car parks. This obviously causes issues if the fleet businesses operative electrified vehicles, leased sites requiring charging points are to expect long delays in gaining permission. Numerous businesses commit to electric vehicles without the knowledge of how this may cause a battle with their landlord to receive permission for EV charging points. More help is needed with legal obligations for landlords to accommodate EV charging facilities for their tenants.
  3. Lack of accessible capital funding to cover grid reinforcement costs – Did you know you could be quoted an extra £100,00 added onto your EV charging facilities for grid reinforcement? Not many landlords are going to agree to that! This is a problem, installing one or two charging points can often be done within the existing capacity of the local electricity distribution network, which is great for individuals, not so for larger businesses with substantial fleets to run. Good news! OfGem is investing £300m into the electricity distribution network to support EV charge point roll out.


So what do we take from this? There are obstacles surrounding switching to electric fleets especially for those larger fleet operators, but there is no denying that this is the future and although there is work to be done, policy to be established, funds to be accessible we cannot avoid the inevitable forever.

On that note, till next time guys…



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