Aug/Sept Blog

Hi Guys!

August was a very quiet month,  so what have we been up to here at Van Monkey HQ over the last couple of months?….


On whole in August there has not been much to tell, Van Monkey has been very much consistent in the way of business, which is always good news!

Semiconductors Update

The demand for new vehicles and the current shortage of semiconductors is still causing chaos for the automotive industry.

Manufacturers are continuing to struggle with the high demand for new vehicles and there is nothing in sight to suggest improvement in the near future.

The increasing demand and backlog of orders will most definitely increase waiting time for customers for at least 6 months.


Van Monkey Departure

It is bittersweet, we have lost a great team member to the great wide world!

Zikria joined us on a kickstart program as a Marketing Assistant, the kickstart program is a great way to introduce individuals into placements to get a feel for life in a working environment.

During Zikria’s time, she created fantastic social media and blog content for Van Monkey.

Zikria took the time to understand the company’s goals, morals, and core values, which she portrayed in the work she produced.

We wish her the best of luck in future endeavors!



New Starters

Van Monkey & VM Vehicle Maintenance are growing! We have two new starters coming to us in October and we cannot wait to extend our team of monkeys!

At Van Monkey we have a Mr. Kieran Sparkes joining us on October 1st, Kieran is our new appointed Sales Executive.

Kieran has extensive knowledge in the automotive industry, he comes to us from Renault Trucks and we look forward to welcoming Kieran to the team.

At VM Vehicle Maintenance we have Steve joining us on October 1st, Steve will be working alongside Adam in the maintenance department.

Frankie is a fully qualified HGV Technician and Car/Van Mechanic and we will also look forward to welcoming Steve to our team.

P.S Pictures will follow in our October issue.

Fuel Shortage Update

The current fuel supply issues caused by a shortage of qualified drivers and the exceptional demand levels over recent days have no doubt caused significant disruption for you and your business.

Whilst petrol forecourt fuel levels have not yet reached an acceptable level and stock-outs continue as key sites are prioritised, at a national level the situation has improved.

The Governments Reserve Tanker Fleet has been deployed and suppliers expect it to stabilise the fuel levels in the coming days.

Good news at last! 🙌


Happy Work Anniversary Mandy!

We have saved the best news till last! Mandy has been with the Van Monkey team for 4 years!

Mandy is our Administrative Guru and she plays a vital part in ensuring all our groundwork is organised and running smoothly.

Mandy is a Van Monkey original and is a fantastic part of our team, we would like to thank her for the commitment and hard work she has carried out over the years.

As always, thank you for the continued support! Until next time…

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