Free Van Driver Toolkit

Free Van Driver – Driving safely for business!

A new free toolkit aimed at helping businesses keep van drivers safe, legal and ensure they comply with the legislation has been launched.

The solution has been launched by the National Highways Commercial vehicle incident prevention team as part of the Driving for Better Business programme.

FREE driver info cards to help you:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve operating conditions
  • Ensure safe and legal vehicles
  • Promote wellbeing for drivers


Did you know an increase of roadside stops for vans and the average fine per offense is in the region of £972.00. It doesn’t take long for van drivers and owners to figure out that vans that don’t comply with the rules, regulations standards, and procedures can be a costly experience in fines, let alone additional costs for recovery and repair.


Get your Van Driver Toolkit Today:

The Van Driver Toolkit is ready to access now and is free for those fleets who are registered with Driving for Better Business.


Click Here.


Thank you for reading and your continued support.



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