July Blog

Hi Guys!

Another month, another update to tell, so what have we been up to here at Van Monkey HQ?….

It’s Coming HOME!

Well, we can hope and it is certainly heading the right direction despite years of disappointment! The last couple of years for our country have been faced with uncertainty and devastation due to the pandemic, it was a bout time we have something to look forward too, enjoy and celebrate together. In light of this we decided to run a competition on our social channels to give our audience the opportunity to win not only an official Euro’s football but our amazing monkeys too!

We have got to say it turned out to be spectacular and we thank all those who entered for their support and keeping up the fun, we shall be announcing the winners in the upcoming days, so keep your eyes peeled as it could be YOU!

With the Finals looming the Van Monkey Team are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping England can bring it home for 2021!

Good Luck Guys!


Vehicle Maintenance Update

As you may already know, we recently launched VM Vehicle Maintenance.  A service which provides protection in the form of a maintenance contract to take care of all your vehicle needs!

VM Vehicle Maintenance was officially marked as open on the 1st of July (How exciting!!!) we are in the process of sourcing a new location for the future, however we still remain at:

A Hingley Transport, 4 Talbots Lane, Brierley Hill, DY5 2YX

We recently touched based with Adam (he’s pretty difficult to track down, busy man and all!) and he confirmed they ramp equipment has been installed to ensure only the best for our customers.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds on our newest venture.


Shortages In The Automotive Industry

We previously covered the topic on delays of vehicles, extended delivery times all resulting from the lack of conductors used in vehicles, unfortunately the demand for vehicles is at an all time high and despite manufacturers efforts they are sorely behind on schedules.

We understand your frustrations and we are trying our utmost best to ensure your orders are fulfilled efficiently as possible, we hope you can just bare with us at this time and we along with the rest of the industry hope the wheels get turning back to normal as soon as possible!

Just a precaution if your not thinking about a new vehicle this year but have plans for a new one in 2022, now would be a good time to place your order to avoid disappointment.


We’ve had a blast this month and look forward to an even better July.


As always, thank you for the continued support! Until next time…

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