Electric Vans 2021

Electric Vans, Here, Now and Upcoming

In the beginning Electric Vehicles was a future vision much like “Back to The Future” where you told your children that someday our world would be the same, still a way to go on that one, however Electric Vehicles is no longer a vision but our new reality which is increasing in popularity as manufacturers pave the way for a better and brighter environment.

More cities are planning to establish clean air-zones or expand their ultra-low emissions zone, petrol & diesel powered-vans are the main target of more and more charges for travelling into urban areas.

So, let us see what is on the market or coming soon to the market for 2021:


Citroen e-Dispatch

The Stellantis Group – parent company of Citroen, Peugeot and Vauxhall – launched electric versions of all its mid-size vans in 2020. Citroen’s is called the e-Dispatch and comes with a choice of two batteries: 50kWh for a 143-mile range, or 75kWh for a 205-mile range.

There is a choice of body lengths and offer plenty of flexibility when it comes to payload and carrying capacity. Citroen have ever claimed the e-Dispatch will offer improved comfort due to the lack of noise and vibrations of a standard diesel van.

Citroen e-Relay/ Peugeot e-Boxer

Why stop at the Dispatch? The larger Citroen Relay and its PSA siblings are also getting electric conversions. It will b offered in L1 and L3 body styles with the latter featuring a longer wheelbase and greater cargo-carrying capacity. Citroen is aiming for the L1 version will travel 141 miles on charge, and the L3 will manage 169 Miles – Not bad eh!

Fiat E-Ducato

A sister model to the Citroen e-Relay above and Peugeot Peugeot e-Boxer below, the E-Ducato was announced in July 2019, before the merger between Citroen and Peugeot’s parent PSA and Fiat’s parent FCA came about.

Fiat claims E-Ducato will offer the same range of body lengths, with load volumes from 10-17 cubic metres and a maximum payload of 1,950kg. It’s motor will produce just over 120bhp, while a range of battery sized will offer ranges from 136 to 223 miles.


Ford E-Transit

For all the Ford lovers out there, of course they are going to offer you an electric alternative. Sales of the pure electric Ford E-Transit are set to start early 2022. Power will come from a 265bhp electric motor and 67kWh battery, with a claimed range of 217 Miles.

Mercedes e-Sprinter

Bigger version that the eVito, it uses 113bhp motor and 55kWh battery for a claimed range of up to 96 mils, with the option of either 20kW or 80Kw dc charging, the latter can charge from 10 to 80% in half an hour – not bad at all! However, there will only be one trim level available, but the standard kit includes a heated driver’s seat, DAB Radio and a range of useful active safety systems.

Renault Kangoo Z.E

The Renault Kangoo is a rarity on the list of forthcoming electric vans as it is one of the few models that is entering its second generation, Renault are certainly on form.

The Kangoo has had an electric model since 2011, although this new model is likely to prove more popular than the first given the appetite for electric vehicles has grown somewhat since those early days.

Toyota Proace City electric

The Toyota Proace is due to be released later this year, it every sense it will be the same as its diesel’s model with slightly smaller versions to choose from, and a larger warranty. The Proace City Electric will be available with 50kw/h lithium-ion battery, giving a maximum power output of 134bhp ensuring smooth operation in low emission zones, perfect!

Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo

The VW ID Buzz Cargo is a strange looking vehicle! Nevertheless, the finished version will have the same impressive features as the concept remains to be seen. These include a theoretical maximum range of 341 miles, a solar panel on the roof that can boost the range by nine miles and a 150kW electric motor, powerful! The seats up front and 800kg payload are features that are more likely to make it to production. Bring on 2022!

This is just the beginning of Electric Van fleets, with no doubt in time there will be an abundance of Electric Vehicle ranges to choose from.

Head over to our EV page for our latest Electric Vehicle Deals.

That is all for now guys!


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