How to Maintain Your Vehicle Battery


It’s fair to say that many of us have not driven our vehicles as much as in previous years due to the lockdown. However, now that we are slowly coming to some form of normality, we thought it would discuss looking after your vehicle battery. With 17% of all breakdowns being due to battery failure, here’s what you can do to maintain your battery.

1) Change every four years

It is recommended that you change your battery every four years to ensure your vehicle runs properly. Don’t try to extend the life of your battery for longer than you should.


2) Check acid level 🔋

Aim to check the acid level of your battery every six months. You should be on the look out for acid stratification. Your battery may be at risk if your car is primarily driven short distances with power-robbing accessories in use.

3) Conduct a battery load test ✔️

You’ll want to conduct a battery load test on a monthly basis, this can be done by a mechanic. This is to ensure that the device can be charged properly, even in freezing temperatures.

4) Clean the battery

Dirt and debris can affect your battery if it gets into the cells. It may also cause corrosion on nearby metal, so it’s important to clean the top of the battery and around the terminals.


5) Keep cables tied 🎀

Keep everything secure and tied tightly so your cables don’t move.


6) Don’t leave your car for too long 🕞

Your battery will drain down if you leave your car for too long without driving it. Try to aim to drive your car at least every three days.

Safe Travels!

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