2021 VW Caddy California

The all new Volkswagen family camper-van

Volkswagen welcomes the newest edition to their camper-van family, the all new Caddy California! Order shall be taken in late May just in time for the summer.

The VW Caddy California is based on the all new Caddy Cargo Van which was released early this year. The Caddy California is a replacement of the original Caddy Beach and includes new features such as a kitchen. The goal is give its customers the ultimate camping experience. Now you may be thinking how on earth will you fit a kitchen into such a compact van? Well the new Caddy California is based on Volkswagen’s signature versatile MQB platform which they say helps deliver more space as well as greater on-board technology.

The “mini” kitchen is bound to be the key selling point for the Caddy California, however bare in mind that this will be an optional extra and will not be supplied as standard. Due to the size of this particular camper this is a mounted rail on the left side of the load area beneath the bed, meaning it has to be pulled out under the tailgate to be used.

The design consists of smart cooking features which are positioned at a comfortable height, while the tailgate will do its best to keep it shielded from the rain. There are two elements to the mini kitchen, at the top there is a single gas hob with a wind shield and shelf, while at the bottom there is a section for storage. To the rear is a locked compartment for the gas bottle, pretty nifty huh!

A new fold up bed design means that occupants will not longer have to make do with partially sleeping on the folded-down rear seats.

Wait, there is more… The optional tent systems boosts the available accommodation by adding sleeping room for two more people.Whilst attachable to the Caddy is can be used as a standalone tent too! Another great option is of course the panoramic roof, a 1.4 square metre glass panel that will allow customers to gaze up at the stars while they enjoy a night back in the van, there is a black out blind for this and all the other windows to ensure a perfect nights sleep.

In addition to the wonderful Camper-van features, every California includes:

  • Air conditioning
  • Cruise Control
  • Power Mirrors
  • Alarm Systems
  • Infortainment
  • 8.25 inch Media Touchscreen with App Connect
  • Bluetooth
  • DAB Radio
  • Six Speakers


So, can you see yourself camper in the all new Volkswagen Caddy California?


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