NEW Ford Smart Mirror

What does it entail?

The new Ford Smart Mirror is designed with safety in mind, many van drivers rely on their side mirrors, with rear view mirrors not so helpful when there is a partition or cargo behind them. It is often noticed the common use of the sticker “If you can’t see my mirrors- then I can’t see you” on many vans to prevent accidents due to lack of vision.

Ford is introducing the Smart Mirror to eliminate accidents and increase visibility from those pesky blind spots. The new system looks exactly like a regular mirror but is actually a high definition screen that clearly displays a panoramic view behind the van. This helps drivers spot cyclists, pedestrians, and other vehicles that may be behind them.

Good for business?

Well that is an excellent question, Fords new Smart Mirror could benefit businesses by reducing the need for costly accident damage repairs, as well as potentially contributing to lower insurance premiums, sounds good right? There is more fitting the system may also improve up-the time when commercial vehicles are working on the road. Ford announced a new connected up-time system designed to maximise vehicle up-time.


Availalibility & Suitability?

The mirror is now available for Ford Transit and Transit Custom vans fitted with windowless rear doors. Any Ford dealer can order and fit the system, which is compatible with Transit vans built from 2014 and Transit Custom models built from 2012.


Let’s see it in action- Click Here


It a nutshell this handy piece of technology could prevent accidents, save you money and possibly increase the efficiency of businesses with fleets – it’s a YES!


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