BEST 5 Seat Combi & Crew Vans 2021

In the market for a combi or crew van? Let us help you with that…

A Combi/Kombi van is the perfect in-between for somebody who needs a work vehicle that can double up as family transport with more protection than what a cab pick up truck can provide.

So we decided to present to you the top five vehicles of our choice to help aid you in making the right decision for you, lets begin…

Ford Transit Double Cab In-Van

The Ford Transit Custom Double Cab has perfected the passenger carrying van formula with the options for standard wheelbases and long bases and a range of wide trims to choose from. With the variants on offer the choice really depends on whether you require a basic work version or a higher spec variant.

If you looking for style models for consideration are the high spec, Limited, Active, Trail or Sport models. All models feature a steel bulkhead with an inspection window behind the second row of seats, while the standard-fit un-glazed barn doors mean the cargo are is secure from prying eyes and tinted black windows increase security.


 Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van

As always Mercedes is the more premium choice, it is very comfortable and has a higher capacity for passengers due to adding a second row of seats.

Something you should know, technically Mercedes do no offer a Sprinter Crew Van, its a Crew Van Pack upgrade option that’s available on the rear-wheel drive panel van which adds roughly £3,500.00 to the cost if you include the bulkhead, otherwise you are looking at £2,000.00 extra if you opt for the open-plan version.

Upgrading is not without its benefits:

  • Three seat bench
  • Sliding doors with windows
  • Extra interior panel-work

For a crew van this is certainly one of the most luxurious and as it is an optional upgrade you have a wide variety of choice of sizes, roof heights, body lengths engine options and gearbox options.


Vauxhall Vivaro Doublecab

The lastest Vauxhall Vivaro has two types of crew vans in it’s range, The Vivaro Doublecab and Vauxhall’s multi-seat van which comes in two body lengths.

If you choose the shorter L1 version you can get a multi-position steel mesh bulkhead similar to the one already seen in the smaller Combo Crew Van, but what does that mean? Well it means it’s movable, but also that the back seats are only really designed to be used for short trips or moving staff rather than a family carrier.

As with the standard Vivaro van, the Doublecab is one of the most car-like vans to drive, with plenty of safety kit and tech from the PSA Group passenger car range. Go for a top-spec Elite model, and it’s essentially the Vivaro Life MPV but with a partition between the seats and load area.


Volkswagen T6.1 Transporter Kombi

Personally we think VW have got passenger carrying taken care of, the clue really is in the name “Transporter” and transport it does, now although seen as upmarket it is definately worth considering if your looking for an all rounded.

The most updated tech from the Volkswagen Golf hatchback, makes this a van that offers the best connectivity and safety kit in the van sector.

However, while the Transporter is popular with those who love sporty looking vans that are capable of carrying families and their kit, the current Kombi is only offered in the Start-line and High-line trims, not much appeal for all the sporty lovers out there.


Renault Trafic Crew

Although the Renault Trafic has the ability for passenger-carrying it is more geared towards a working van, but it is still a great option due to it’s spacious design.

Well we hope this article has been helpful and if you need any advice on your next vehicle purchase, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.

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