Hello & Welcome To Monkey Business!

Hi Guys!

This is our first official blog post, how exciting! Although the prospects of us writing anything of interest is a little daunting, but we will certainly give it a go.

As you have probably noticed our site has changed, quite dramatically, for the better of course. Our new website showcases all the services Van Monkey provide and we have made extra sure to provide a better user friendly experience to all who visit.

It was important to us that we are not seen as just a Van Sales business. We offer a complete one stop solution to all your vehicle requirements and provide outstanding customer service from the very beginning.

We should also touch on the fact that 2020 has not been the greatest year for any of us but we have pushed through the pandemic and are looking forward to a better 2021, as we hope all of you do too.  Speaking of 2021 we will have two new additional services:

  • Professional Movements
  • Reliable Maintenance Services

We are thrilled with the new additional services we are now able to provide under our one stop service, so keep a look out more information shall be revealed soon.

Throughout the many services and offerings one element will always stay the same, that being our Core Values, we stick by them throughout all our processes with each and everyone of our customers:

The industry is forever changing, growing, and adapting but our Core Values will always be the same.

Speaking of the industry and adapting we are in full support of the EV (Electric Vehicle) sector in the form of  Van MonkEV the new trading style of Van Monkey. The Electric Vehicle sector is growing rapidly in the UK and throughout businesses, many fleets now taking on electric vehicles as the new norm. Concerns over charging vehicles now being a less worrying factor in purchasing EV’s as manufacturers are constantly improving reliability and range. With the our new division we hope to advise, educate and provide offers on electric vehicles and ensure we provide the best suited vehicle to you our customers.

With that, we shall say our goodbyes on this particular blog and look forward to updating in the future with the following topics:

  • Monkey’s Journey
  • Industry News
  • Business News
  • Exciting Developments
  • Much, much more.


Thanks for reading and your continued support,



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